A non-invasive technology that enables healthcare professionals to improve their patient's experience, foster patient engagement, and encourage care optimization.

Weebird is a healthcare service organization that has designed a system in which healthcare professionals will be able to better engage their patient(s) through technology.Among the many services that Weebird Provides, healthcare professionals will have a convenient and easy to use tool that will give them the ability to monitor their patient's progress, obtain status updates at any points of care in treatment, and capture measurable healthcare outcomes.


Weebird is where the patient becomes a health advocate and the most important member of their care team. As an informed team member, your patient is aware of their responsibilities and expectations of their care process. Our Health Advocates understand the important role in which they play for their healthcare success. Here, your patient can communicate any compliance, tolerance, or any other issues that may arise that may potentially interrupt the success of their healing process. By committing to connect the most qualified healthcare professional, and providing a real time communicator with your patient's outside care resources; we are able to track, monitor, document, and capture the best possible healthcare outcomes.


Weebird is dedicated to deliver the highest level of documentation possible by our health advocates and their care providers. In our collaborative documenting system, healthcare advocates will have immediate access to information such as their health history, physical well-being, physician(s) information, care appointments, orders, medications, and any health occurrences.

Efficient Use of Healthcare Resources

Our nation is full of critical, although underutilized healthcare professionals within our industry. Nevertheless, these professionals are well-qualified to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and cut down on the overuse of healthcare services. It is our mission to reintroduce these qualified care professionals into an industry geared for competitive electronic record sand integrate their services into a mainstream electronic health system. Weebird assists smaller clinics to promote their unique care services, provide an electronic health record and have a cutting edge technology to compete with larger entities. Weebird is designed for healthcare professionals in need for a technology tool to better engage, educate and understand their patient's needs.

Care Coordination

Weebird has a unique philosophy that believes "Not all healthcare is the same" Our Quality Department is a group of trained individuals that exclusively matches the needs of your patient and pairs them with the most qualified professionals to optimize the best possible outcome; this is our approach to "care optimization". You can be rest assured that our health advocates will have the information needed in order to make the best decision possible for their care and the ability to design a communicative portal, in-depth profile, and useful data about their healthcare and their specific care needs.


A platform designed as a patient engagement instrument that presents a realistic and comprehensive partnership with our health advocates and their care providers. Research has demonstrated that in such cases, patients who take an active role in their health and patients in low acuity situations such as managing a chronic condition, are more likely to participate in preventive and healthy behaviors, self-manage conditions and achieve overall better health outcomes. Whether adhering to an exercise, diet, prescription plan, or recognizing and acting promptly on symptoms of relapse or adverse drug effects, the patient plays a central role in determining their outcomes.


Statistics show that Nearly 80% of the information that the doctor tells their patients during the office visit will be forgotten, or misunderstood after their care appointment. Our designated Clinic Advocates work closely with the assigned office representative(s) to relate any of the lost information to their patients. Clinic Advocates reiterate, communicate, and provide a home care schedule inside your patient's portal. weebirdhealth.com adheres to clinical guidelines to improve patient compliance and capture the best possible results of your patient's outcomes.

Certification Process

Weebird provides certification to healthcare entities that guarantees that patients will have quality experience.

  • weebirdhealth.com is committed to matching the most qualified healthcare with the specific needs of the patient possible.
  • A certified healthcare entity can rest assured that weebirdhealth.com' processes and systems are supported by healthcare professionals who take an unbiased approach to their patient's healthcare.
  • weebirdhealth.com continues to search for new systems and professionals that strive in achieving a healthcare system that reduces healthcare costs while providing the best possible care to each and every patient